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Repeater creates a connection to the mobile network base station which is located outdoors and then repeats the signal indoors. There must be a good enough coverage outdoors.


Why 4.3-10 connector is better than 7/16?


Building a mobile network with 4.3-10 connector

The mobile network base station and connector manufacturers have together designed a new smaller 4.3-10 connector to replace 7/16 connectors. New device models with this new connector have now arrived to the network installation scene. The new connector has better PIM value and it is suitable for applications which have space, weight or power limitations.

Telecom Fixed Networks

Reliable and high quality network components

Are you looking for high quality network components with sufficient capacity and reliability? Do you need technical performance which is approved by telecom operators? Orbis offers a wide range of fiber optic products. From Orbis you can also get tailored cable assemblies with precise length and connectors for your application.


Electromagnetic Field Safety Meters

From Orbis these products are only available in Finland.

Personal safety is something we are all concerned about, including RF and electromagnetic fields and their effects on safety. There are more and more devices communicating by RF and their use has exploded.

Electromagnetic field is a challenge due to its nature: one can not feel, taste, smell or hear it. We as humans simply do not sense it (at least not until real tissue damage). The most dangerous frequency area to humans is between 30-300 MHz.


Cables and Assemblies

Raw cables

Our product portfolio contains special fiber optic cables designed for demanding environments such as in applications which requite tolerance for temperature or mechanical stress. Here we show some common examples of the product range. More information is available from product catalogues (send a request) or our sales.


Orbis OptoManager

Orbis OptoManager™ is a robust fiber management solution for network building and data centers.

OptoManager, developed by Orbis Oy, solves the challenge with fiber management and space saving for a large amount of fiber connections. The simple mechanics and flexibility makes the product efficient in various applications.

Dimensions of the cabinet are 900 x 300 x 2200 mm (WxDxH). In the full capacity it can contain more than 2000 SC connectors. Installation is made with 19 inch distribution panels with height of 1U.